I went to Cleveland this past weekend for what I'd like to call a "Food for the Soul" weekend. And though I currently reside in Boston, I have to tell you that given the opportunity I would put Cleveland on my top 10 places to go for a restorative mini vacation. I'm fully aware that… Continue reading Cleveland

Bruce Springsteen

  You know I sat down to write this, thinking it would be easy to put into words someone who is such a force in my life. But then when it wasn't I realized how naive I was being. How do you ever categorize Bruce Springsteen? I hope this does him a glimmer of justice,… Continue reading Bruce Springsteen


Weddings!   Weddings. How have we gotten this far into my mind's verbal diarrhea without addressing weddings? Calamity. Let's dig deep, shall we? How many weddings have I been in I wonder. I don't actually know. I've seen the good, I've seen the bad, people as usual have informed me of things that I additionally… Continue reading Weddings