… On The Turn of the Tide

I’m sitting here wishing I had something more profound to say than that I wish I had something profound to say. But taking the moment to reflect – this original writing taking place in late Spring- there are things I need to document so that I can hang onto them, and remember the immense ways … Continue reading

… On Public Restrooms

This blog has served a number of purposes. And while I’d like to think at times it’s been a vehicle to bring us all up to speed on certain topics, there are occasions when in order to do so it’s necessary that I borderline debase myself. Sometimes there’s not even a border. This could be … Continue reading


I recently had┬áthe realization that I didn’t like my body growing up, but more specifically┬áthat I didn’t like it for a reason I didn’t understand until now. It wasn’t for being chubby, it wasn’t for having dark hair instead of blonde or another banal difference we hold ourselves against when we’re younger. I’ve never written … Continue reading