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… On The Megabus

Some time ago, a good friend of mine informed me of a very important bus she favored to go from Chicago to rural Pennsylvania. The name of said mode of travel… is the Megabus. “Tickets are only $1 if you get them soon enough.” “That sounds crazy.” “No, it’s great.” For those that don’t know, the … Continue reading

… On Sugar and IBS

If you know me, you know that what I’m about to tell you is seemingly out of left field. Since I was very little I was the child that always loved the extra cookie, who would cheat and take dibs out of the cookie bowl while mom was making chocolate chipped wonders. I love cheesecake … Continue reading

… On Apartment Hunting

From time to time there comes a point in your relationship with your apartment to cut the ties that bind. This can happen for a host of reasons: Terrible Neighbors, Terrible Landlords, Terrible Roommates, any combination of the above. Poop on the stairwell. No, just kidding, though that’s legitimate as well. But regardless of your … Continue reading

… On Pittsburgh

Maybe what you’re expecting from this is for me to list off Pittsburgh firsts or Pittsburgh bests. The sports championships and dynasties. The art museums. The talent. The evolution of an industrial city to a hipster-infused green-filled changeling. The great places to eat. Even that epic, award-winning accent. But to be frank, there’s a hell … Continue reading