The Women’s March on Washington

On January 21st I participated in what will be remembered as the largest human rights protest in our history, the Women's March On Washington. The march was not restricted to location, with sister marches taking place all around the world for a total of over 3 million participants. Nor was it restricted to gender, race… Continue reading The Women’s March on Washington

Our Third Christmas Apart

I called mom today, and she was sad. Justifiably. And I thought of you, and how I missed you. I think of you, often in the most random of times. Sometimes predictably but mostly not. And sometimes I'll watch films we watched over and over together. And I remember all the places you laughed. That's… Continue reading Our Third Christmas Apart


Maybe what you’re expecting from this is for me to list off Pittsburgh firsts or Pittsburgh bests. The sports championships and dynasties. The art museums. The talent. The evolution of an industrial city to a hipster-infused green-filled changeling. The great places to eat. Even that epic, award-winning accent. But to be frank, there’s a hell… Continue reading Pittsburgh